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A comprehensive selection of earthmoving equipment 
For excavator hire in Wellington, give Compton Earthmoving a call. We have significant experience working on projects of all sizes, and provide quality results every time.  Our fleet of excavators, bobcats, tippers, bulldozers, and graders makes us suitable for everything from domestic landscaping work to commercial housing development projects.  With experience, competitive rates, and adaptability on our side, Compton Earthmoving is a solid choice when you need an earthmoving contractor. 


Compton Earthmoving has been a provider of quality excavator hire and contractors in Wellington for a significant number of years. We have the experience required to complete any job in the time-frame you require, and to do it well.  We employ only highly trained professionals, who are dedicated to providing a perfect finish for every project. 


One of the keys to Compton Earthmoving's success is our ability to always remain on-time and on-budget.  We work with you to design a work timeline that suits both yourself and any other contractors who may be working on your project, and stick to it precisely.  This means savings for you, as our efficiency means our projected times are lower than you may expect. 

Residential and commercial

Our team in Wellington has been involved in domestic, commercial, long-term, and short-term projects, and completed all with fantastic results.  Whether you need our excavator hire for a few hours or a few months, we can arrange for exactly what you require.
One of our machines available for excavator hire in Wellington
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